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Battle Destruction (Mod) Version 1.0.6


Version: 1.0.6
Android: 4.0.3
Update: 25.3.2019
▶ Unlimited Gold
▶ Unlimited Gems
▶ No Root
Battle Destruction Survival + Eat Chicken + Build! The battlefield of the fortress is struck! Pick up your hammer and rocket launcher, join the battle, and have a good time!
•Fortress Night is a fortress night style competitive battle game, sci-fi war style, collecting resources, building a defensive fortress, becoming the last brave on the island!
•Welcome to the battlefield of the fortress, where everything can be destroyed. As a new sandbox survival mobile game, you can deliberately destroy and shoot in the battlefield of the fortress, and enjoy the fun of life and death!
•Come to meet the real challenge, do your best to dominate this world!
•Game features:
1. Fortress eats chicken battlefield, winter shocks come!
2. Create a portable ride, call anywhere, anytime!
3. Snow night mode, unique combat experience!
4. The first snow map, waiting for you to explore!
5 Super snow map, 100 people airborne action!
6. Survival creates destruction, non-general eating chicken!
7. Exquisite personality mask, show your style!
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