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Umwelt (Apk) Version 1.0.11


Version: 1.0.11
Android: 5.0
Update: 8.4.2019
▶ Free Download
▶ No Root
Umwelt – Become a third-rate reporter and collect exclusive news to find the missing famous author!!!”
“The journey begins with the peaked curiosity of a third-rate female reporter about the news of a famous writer gone missing.
Become the female reporter to collect information and actively participate in the on-going events,
stories, and uncover the hidden truths, from the first person perspective in a VR world that goes beyond the mobile platform.”
>> The 100% dubbed dialog deeply immerses you in the story!!
– An exciting and amusing thriller novel excellently brought to life by voice actors!
– Perfect 1st-person immersion with all subtitles and dialog dubbed by 100% professional voice actors!
– Subtitles and dubbing in native Korean, English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese!
>> An audio VR adventure mobile game like none before!!
– Obtain 100% virtual reality in first-person perspective with the mobile Gyro sensor!
– In the first-person perspective, all the sounds will correspond to the character’s movements.
– Highly realistic VR with in-ear 3D sound effects that change along with the viewpoint!
>> Forget about joysticks and buttons! Experience unique controls using mobile sensors!!
– Enjoy direct control through the mobile sensor, touch screen, and gestures!
– Turn the dial to find hidden objects in locked trunks and wipe the dust off mirrors to uncover the hidden secrets to solve the puzzle.
– Perform realistic actions like grasping items with your hands, pulling on a handle to open the drawer, turning book pages one by one, and more!