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Westland Survival (Mod) Version 0.12.2v2


Version: 0.12.2v2
Android: 4.1
Update: 6.9.2019
▶ Quick Recovery
▶ Anti-Cheat Detection
▶ Magic Split
▶ Unlimited Durability
▶ Advance Money Mod
▶ Crafting For Free
▶ Weapon High Weapon
▶ Not Required
▶ Visual Level Up
▶ Use Zero Energy
▶ Instant Travel
▶ Open The Box Now
▶ Unlimited Mailboxes
▶ Unlimited Entries
▶ No Root
Westland Survival – Survive in this Western themed MMORPG, explore the life of a Lone Star ranger and fight robbers, trade with American Natives, set traps and duel in a Mexican standoff!
★ Build your own Wild West ranch
★ Fight gangsters with pistols and rifles
★ Wood logging, mining, deer hunting
★ Craft new equipment and items
★ Raise horse mounts and tame wild animals
★ SOON: Complete hundreds of Quests
★ SOON: Discover precious treasure sites
★ SOON: Challenge other cowboys
About Westland Survival
In the Wild West of the Great American prairies, outlaws and evensheriffs are ready to sell brave men out for a fistful of dollars. Frontier pioneers and bounty hunters have set carriage treks towards the fabled gold discovery sites in Klondike and Yukon, and to the great plains and deserts of Texas or New Mexico.